About us

Based out of Bussey Building, Peckham, Girafingo comprises of a filmmaker and colourist with an incredible passion for conveying feeling to our audience. Our films strive to present narrative as an experiential rather than interpretive experience. 

One of the distinguishing features of film...is its ability to produce non-cognitive affective responses, which viewers experience as a result of film's direct sensory engagement. This evokes intense feelings in us that are independent of, and sometimes even incompatible with, our cognitive judgments of what we are watching.


We choose to embrace the fragmentary nature of storytelling that utilises individual moments to communicate feeling.

We favour mood as an extended state of being over the temporal nature of emotion in order to bring our audience into a suspended experience of the present.


This website illustrates our colour grading and filmmaking processes in detail - if you have any enquiries please contact us at smile@girafingo.com

Girafingo LTD - Company number: 11014824

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