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How do I submit my colour grading request?

The first stage is to complete the form stating your contact details and some information about your grading project.

Do you work remotely?

We pride ourselves on being a remote colour grading operation - we use Davinci Resolve Studio and Blackmagic Micro Panels for all of our colour grading work. We use DCI 4K HP Dreamcolour Z31X monitors for our primary colour grading work - these monitors are internally calibrated and we ensure they are fully calibrated for every grade. We ask you to send the files via WeTransfer or via Google Drive and we then communicate via email/Skype and do a remote sign-off before we send over the final graded files to you. 

What is the turnaround time?

We strive to complete grading projects within 1-3 working days. This depends mainly on the amount of footage and the type of grade required. However we pride ourselves on our flexibility and will pull out the stops if you have a pressing deadline.

We don't conform any footage from your original camera files - we've found in the past that conforming footage and XML errors can add significant time to the process - as a result we just request that you send us a flat fully edited file that we can start to work on.

Colour Correction: 


The first step of any grade is to ensure your image is properly colour balanced. This means we check the colour values of the image using our colour grading software  - Davinci Resolve Studio. We ensure that the red, green and blue (RGB) channels are lined up appropriately and that your image has a proper white and black balance.


We will also carry out an exposure check and assess the dynamic range properties of your images. We do this using tools such as waveforms and false colour.

Colour grading:


Now that we've completed the colour correction of your image - we start on the creative look you're striving for. This could be a look that adheres to your branding colours - or it could be a look that is unique to the story you wish to tell.


We're also fine if you wish to use print film emulations such as a Kodak 2383 LUT - this is very popular with clients as it creates a specific aesthetic look - however we only use LUTS as part of a full grading pipeline.



Once we have graded your image based on the brief provided - we will then send you some stills/footage of the work to feedback on. 


Collaboration is a crucial part of the colour grading process especially as grading can be highly subjective; we strive to be super flexible with our clients and pride ourselves on being a positive feedback driven culture.

Thanks for submitting!