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Girafingo Covid-19 Filming Guidelines

At Girafingo our core priority is to have a safe shoot - this means adhering to production guidelines issued by the British Film Commission.

Safety is our number one priority. Dedication to safety supersedes the need for any specific shot or setup. Without hesitation, we will dismiss any shot or setup that requires safety to be suspended or ignored.

  • Masks will be required for anyone who is not on camera and in-frame. All crew and clients will wear masks at all times. On camera talent will wear masks between setups and when not actively being filmed.

  • Prior to the start of filming our producer will take an electronic temperature check of everybody on set. This will be written on a small white board. We appreciate there is some sensitivity in doing this but please appreciate why we must do this. 

  • Every crew person will be allowed a 10’ perimeter. Clients and talent will not approach crew members or encroach on their working space.

  • Clients will be able to socially distance and monitor filming via their mobile phones via our Teradek Serv Pro monitoring solution. This tool effectively turns your phone into a production monitor. It means that each client will have their own socially distanced video village.

If anyone on set chooses to disregard these guidelines or makes someone feel unsafe— and continues to do so after a warning— production will cease and all non-crew will be required to leave the set to facilitate early termination of the production. We will charge to compensate the crew, but the project will be terminated.

While we will take every precaution we can, we cannot guarantee anyone’s safety from Covid-19 or any other illness. Everyone on set agrees to shoulder that risk individually. By scheduling a shoot— consistent with our terms— the Client agrees not to hold Girafingo liable for anyone who becomes infected with Covid-19 or any other illness or injury during production.

Our crew is 100% on board with these rules. If anyone representing the client may take issue with these rules or may be a problem on filming day, please talk to them beforehand. Finally, if these rules are prohibitive or disagreeable for you, we will help you find another production company for the project.

Covid-19 Video Monitoring Guidelines

At Girafingo we use the Teradek Serv Pro video monitoring solution for clients. This means that clients can monitor filming on set from the comfort of their mobile phones. All that is required is downloading the 'VUER' app on your phone prior to the shoot. You will be able to view filming from your phone or tablet.