Here at Girafingo; we're obsessed with the power of film as metaphor.

We're big on mood boards, story boards, treatments, and creating aesthetics from the ground up; visual grammar is a very big deal for us.

How do I submit my filmmaking request?

The first stage is to complete the form stating your name and contact details. We also have a dropdown list for your estimated budget - this is important as it provides us with an idea of scale for your shoot.


Once you have completed the form, hit submit, and we should respond to you within 24 hours. We will then arrange a call and listen to your ideas about the prospective project.


We will then create a project (AGILE) and map out your requirements and the project specifications. We shall then create a detailed visual treatment of the project. We will then track against the project to its full completion.

Do you own all of your own filmmaking equipment?

At Girafingo we own 100% of our own equipment - this means no logistical headaches with rental delays and most importantly it means that we can be up and running for a short notice shoot if the need arises.


There's a very big push for filmmakers to discuss gear - we firmly believe in crew first and crew first... while we have incredible high dynamic range cameras that shoot 12 bit raw and cinema quality lenses - it is the skills of the shooter and crew at large that will determine the quality of the final film or video you wish to create.


We like to think our work speaks for itself - we take tremendous pride in our cinematography, and visual grammar; we never start a shoot without a detailed visual treatment and shot list of the project at hand.

Do you provide corporate video services?

We do a lot of corporate video in the city of London and offer a wealth of experience in this field. Our style relies on finding a balance between the realistic contemporary elements of business and infusing that with creative flair; this can be achieved through our cinematography, the music that accompanies the film and the focal lengths we pick for these shoots.


We also film a lot of team sequences - we love to show people working together towards a common goal; team work really shines on the screen and communicates a great working culture to the audience.



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